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Our Professionals

Our team consists of a wide array of mental health professionals, including psychiatrists who specialise in child & adolescent, general adult, forensic and learning difficulties related psychiatry; clinical psychologists, educational psychologists, family therapists, youth counsellor, speech therapists, dietitian, personal trainer and occupational therapists.

Specialist in Psychiatry

Dr. May Lam
Dr. Choi Wing-Kit
Dr. Kwan Hoi-Shuen
Dr. Patty Yim
Dr. Ng Man-Kin, Roger
Dr. Cindy Tam

Clinical Psychologist

Ms. Kristy Liu
Ms. Sarah Fung
Ms. Connie Ho
Ms. Kristen Tang
Dr. Aled Tang

Educational Psychologist

Ms. Lily Zhou
Dr. Éadaoin K. P. Hui
Ms. Tiffany Li

Counselling Psychologist and Counsellor

Ms. Chloe H.Y. Wong
Dr. Helena Ng
Ms. Ruby Chow
Ms. Amy Wu
Ms. Haruka Yan
Mr. Ian Dexter C. Ong

Speech-Language Therapist

Ms. Karen Lo
Ms. Irene Lee

Consultant Dietitian

Ms. Sylvia S.W. Lam

Occupational Therapist

Dr. Flora Ko
Ms. Bianca Chan

Marriage and Family Therapist

Dr. Wong Oi Ling

Certified Personal Trainer

Mr. Lui Wing Hong, Dominic