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The Alpha Clinic

Alpha waves are the brain waves detected during wakeful relaxation.

Here at the Alpha Clinic, our team of mental health specialists offer comprehensive services to help you achieve a better state of mind.

Our Centre, The Alpha Wellbeing Centre, offers a wide range of wellbeing services, covering individual and group sessions on relaxation training, stress management, mindfulness, parent-child relationship, work-life balance etc., to help you, your family and your colleagues learn and experience positive and healthy ways of living.

We also provide mental health professional development training and workplace wellbeing programmes for schools and corporate organizations.

Our Services

Mental Wellbeing Counselling
Child & Youth
Learning Enhancement
Family Couple Counselling
Mental Capacity & Forensic
Old Age
Healthy Living
Occupational Therapy
Flower blur
Speech & Language Therapy
Outreach Service

Our Professionals

Our team consists of a wide array of mental health professionals, including psychiatrists who specialise in child & adolescent, general adult, forensic and learning difficulties related psychiatry; clinical psychologists, educational psychologists, family therapists, youth counsellor, speech therapists, dietitian, personal trainer and occupational therapists.

Our Wellbeing Centre

Centre Classroom
Centre-circular cushion

The Alpha Wellbeing Centre dedicated to maximizing potential, empowering yourself, enhancing resilience and providing the best care for you, your family and your organization.

Through various workshops, training or seminars, our Centre promotes human flourishing, helping you, your family members and your colleagues to learn, develop, overcome personal barriers and live a healthy life.