Mr. Aled Tang – Clinical Psychologist

Individual Profile

Aled obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at The Chinese University of Hong Kong and he was awarded scholarship for an exchange programme at the University of Cambridge. He took up a managerial position in a multinational company in his early career.  Wishing to serve people with emotional disturbance and to promote mental wellness in the community, Aled further pursued his study of Master of Social Sciences (Mental Health) and Master of Social Sciences (Clinical Psychology, with Distinction) at The University of Hong Kong and became a clinical psychologist.

In his psychological services, Aled adopts client-centered approach. He conducts intellectual assessment, dyslexia assessment, autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD) assessment for children and adolescents. He also had experience in handling child behavioral problems, care-giver stress, parenting style and family issues. In view of adult psychological services, he had experience in treating people with depression, generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, adjustment disorder and insomnia etc. Moreover, in hopes of providing the most suitable and evidence-based treatment to his clients, he received training in different psychotherapies, including Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), transdiagnostic approaches in treating emotional disorders and mindfulness-based therapy.

Aled is devoted to promote mental health and personal growth.  He regularly writes in a Mingpao newspaper column for the topic of “Cognition and Emotion”.  He was invited to provide trainings and talks in various corporates, schools and hostels with the topic of emotion regulation, positive psychology, stress reduction, parenting and mindfulness.